Behind the scenes of Ms. Gregory

Kayla Gauger, Staff writer

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Ms. Gregory

As a girl growing up in inner city Pittsburg, Ms. Gregory noticed the limited resources that inner city kids had. When speaking about the limited resources and the overcrowded, unorganized schools, she says, ‘’I thought that was normal.’’ She kept this belief for half of her high school years, until she switched schools junior year. When she switched, she realized that it was not normal and that made her want to be a teacher.

After going to college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, she joined Teach for America, an organization designed to place teachers who have just graduated college into inner city schools. With this program, Ms. Gregory was sent to GSA for her first year of teaching. In her first year, she teaches English I, English III, and African American Literature. She believes African American Literature is important because ‘’it’s important for students to learn about other narratives besides slavery.’’  In all of her classes, she teaches what she thinks is important and how it affects the students. ‘’Culture, then content,’’ she says.

After teaching for a while, she wants to be a college professor so she can teach other teachers how to best teach inner city school students. She believes that GSA students are awesome, the teachers set a good example and have a good support system. Her message to GSA students? She says we ‘’should not be afraid to fail. High school doesn’t last forever, there’s more to life than high school.’’

Outside of school, Ms. Gregory has a cat. She has no children, but she feels like she’s ‘’already a mother to 75 children,’’ which will make her more prepared if she decides to have children in the future. She is also very down to earth, warm hearted, and open minded, which is also shown inside of school. She is the oldest of four siblings, and she loves to travel. She even hopes to travel to Africa this summer. Her favorite color is purple, and she loves sunflowers.

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Behind the scenes of Ms. Gregory