Getting to know Ms. Taylor

Amanda Westbrook, Staff writer

On Thursday October 27, 2016, I interviewed Elizabeth Taylor (Ms. Taylor). Ms. Taylor was born in Brooklyn, New York and was raised in Queens. She has seven siblings, a song that graduated from law school, and a husband that passed away around 2012. Ms. Taylor didn’t go to college, instead she went to business school. She relocated to Baltimore in 2003 and knew she wanted to work with the school system because she loves working with children. Ms. Taylor has been working in the school system for 13 years. She loves her job here, she is very fond of everyone, and loves too many people to have favorites Ms. Taylor’s favorite song is Work by Rihanna. Things Ms, Taylor likes to do during her spare time is read books, watch movies, and most of all, relax, because the kids here make her so tired! She loves cooking, traveling, and her job. She has visited many places including: Italy, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba, Saint Martin, and more! Last but not least, Ms. Taylor said the best compliment she has been given is, “You run this office like a well oiled machine.” This is Ms. Taylor, I hope you got to know her a little better.