Where Does Your Concession Money Go?

Tyesha Hammond, Staff writer


If you are passionate about having fun activities in school then you should listen because our concession stand makes our fun activities possible.

Both high school lunch periods Mr. Harrison sells snacks such as chocolate, candy, drinks, and cookies, everything for a dollar or less. Now we know why! The Green Street concession stand helps the high school to raise money for activities such as trips and dances. It also works to help teachers with extra money they might need for in classroom activities, because it’s hard to teach but it’s even harder to teach without the supplies needed to do fun activities. Teachers should not have to spend money out of pocket to take students on trips and to set up dances. The concession stand raises money in order for high school scholars to do fun things, breaking out of the classroom routine to go on a field trip is always something to look forward to. Let me ask you, who wants to come to school with nothing to look forward to? When I come to school I want to know there will be something fun waiting for me.

Mr. Harrison plans to expand his concession stand. This year, he has set a goal to grow more and more and hopes to one day become a full school store that will sell uniforms, ties, and school supplies, along with all the snacks and candy. Continue to support our concession stand and purchase items to contribute to our fun part of learning.