Meet Your Class President: Seniors!


"Helping my fellow classmates" Sean Winston, 12th Grade.

Jordan Fowler, Staff writer

“Helping my fellow classmates” Sean Winston, 12th Grade.This week I interviewed senior class president Sean Winston. Sean had a lot of interesting things to say about his plans as class president.

Sean you are class president now but you didn’t win by voting, you were originally the vice president but the former president got in trouble, officially making you class president. How do you plan on representing the class if you weren’t actually voted as president by them?

“Well, I was elected as Vice President and I got the presidential position handed to me which means that people voted for me the first time. People believed in me enough for that vice president spot so I’m guessing that they still believe in me now, in that same sense.”

Do you believe that you speak for all of the seniors that go to Green Street?

“I do. I look at myself as a iconic figure at Green Street and everybody watches me and wonders how did he get this way? How is he so humble? Who brought him up? Was he brought up by Einstein? Was he brought up by, let me see, John F Kennedy? It’s all about how I carry myself and everyone wants to be near me or under me and everyone wants to be my friend and I see that as a good symbol.”

Everyone wants to be like you?

“Well I mean most people see my charismatic attitude and it’s like a winning sports team they want to be a part of that team because they’re winning.”

A lot of students might call you immature, what would you say to that?

“I would definitely say I’m not immature because over the years I’ve grown from being in the sixth grade to twelfth grade My maturity has boosted it’s gotten way better so I don’t agree with that at all.”

What do you think about the student dues right now? A lot of students are frustrated about them and they want you to answer for it

“Well I feel like everyone has to pay your due, even when you get arrested you still have to pay your debt to society so I feel like we have to pay our student dues because how are we going to be able to pay for the things we want to do? We can’t just fundraise forever.”

So can you tell us a little bit about your childhood? How do you think your childhood makes you the person that you are?

“Man my childhood was a little wild. It had it’s bad parts but it also had it’s mellow, good parts you know. I always had a mother figure, I always had a father figure who raised me and made me the man that I am. I’m sixteen years old now and I’m in the 12th grade, I guess I’m at the peak of my career right now…the founders of the school they enjoy my charismatic attitude, they enjoy my way and ability to mold people to make people likable and honest so I guess that’s my childhood and legacy.”

Your family owns two restaurants and a lot of students might think that since your family owns two restaurants they can’t connect to you. What would you say to that?

“Well everyone is different. Everyone is a person and I don’t believe that I’m rich or that I come from money, I believe that I’m blessed and even though I have parents that grind and have financial stability they aren’t just gonna hand it down to me. I still have to work hard like everyone else. As soon as I get from school I have to work from 5-9 so I feel like they shouldn’t see me as one of the wealthy ones they should see me as someone who works hard.”

You said blessed earlier. Does your religion help you and what religion are you?

“So I believe in God and I consider myself a Christian. And that basically has helped me be the man that I am today.”

What are you planning for the seniors this year? Is it a surprise?

“Well Right now it’s classified because we want you guys to be like “oh my god he’s brilliant” when you find out but it’s going to be something amazing because it’s our last year and we want to go out with a bang.”

“What do you think about the former class president? How does it make you feel what happened to him and losing his roll?”

“Well, he’s a stand up guy. He’s brilliant, he’s my brother, and you know I was hurt by having to take his roll but the job had to be filled and I guess I was the best person to take his job. You know even though we go in a hierarchy someone else could have stepped up and tried to take the roll but they didn’t they all pointed fingers at Sean.”

“Do you think that makes you better then him?”

“It does not. I see him as a powerful iconic figure like myself.”

“So he’s better then you?”

“Well no, I don’t believe any man is better then any other man in the same sense we are equal. He might better qualities or a better resume, or I might have those things but I don’t believe that makes either of us better or worse.”

“What is next after high school? Are you going to college?”

“Of course. I plan to be there for six years. I want to study sports and medicine and become a physician. I say six years because some people go there for seven or eight but if I go there I can become a physician’s assistant while I work to become a full time physician.”

If you have any questions for Sean about anything that we talked about you can reach out to him through the school.